July 15, 2024 1:50 am
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Wisconsinites Seeking Christmas Trees Early This Year

Credit: iStock

Reinette LeJeune

Every year, nearly two million Christmas trees (or Evergreen Conifers for the botanists among you) are harvested right here in Wisconsin, making the state the fifth in the nation for Christmas tree production. Now that Thanksgiving has passed, people across the country have begun their searches for this holiday decoration, with farmers noticing a surprising trend this year.

Greg Hann, the owner of Hann Christmas Farm, has noticed people wanting to make this holiday season extra special. “I think there has been a higher demand for real trees because people are staying home. And in the last couple of years, it’s been a little bit harder to find a real tree,” Hann said. 

Many Wisconsinites are eager to get their own, proudly displaying them in windows and walkways for all to enjoy. But Hann warns against this trend, mentioning that although it might seem appealing to the eye, it can be damaging to the trees. “That’s drying them out very quickly. I try to tell people if there is a heat duct around your tree, try to block that or close that,” Hann said, before mentioning that he wished people knew the long term process of growing the trees. 

But he’s more than honored to simply have his trees bought and displayed, saying, “And it’s just really endearing to me to take a product I spent 10 years growing, and it means a lot to put it in their house.”

Many families across the state have their individual traditions around the holidays, with many, like the Cartwright family, claiming it is a tradition to begin Christmas celebrations the day after Thanksgiving. Matriarch Tiffany Cartwright says she loves decorating with her family. “We actually have a Christmas tree in every room in our house,” Cartwright said. Her husband, Jeremy, reveals the bittersweet feelings this year as their son approaches High School Graduation come Summer. “He’s going to college this year, so we wanted to do it this year especially. It is fun to get out as family, get in the snow usually, in the mud and cut the tree down,” Jeremy Cartwright said.

With Christmas right around the corner, perhaps its time to start the celebrations by seeking out your very own Evergreen Conifer – there will surely be plenty here in the badger state. Happy holidays!