February 27, 2024 1:07 am
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Wisconsin Unemployment Drops in December

Credit: iStock

Staff Writer

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report Tuesday, January 24 with preliminary unemployment and jobs data from December. According to the report, the national unemployment rate dropped to 3.5 percent in December, down 0.1 percent from the previous month. 

Wisconsin’s unemployment rate dropped slightly from 3.3 percent in November to 3.2 percent in December. Additionally, the state also added 900 new nonfarm jobs in December with the largest increase coming from the leisure and hospitality sector. 

The full Bureau of Labor Statistics report can be found here.

Wisconsin bill would limit local control over animal welfare

A Republican bill would bar local governments from implementing stricter rules than the state already imposes regarding animal welfare, the administration of medications and vaccinations and how animals are used at or after they leave a farm or facility.