March 30, 2023 11:07 am

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Wisconsin Students Are Struggling With School Anxiety and Social Skills

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In the past month, as the Yabuki Mental Health Clinic at Children’s Wisconsin witnessed an influx of patients, the manager of the clinic has pointed out that there has been an increase in school anxiety, school avoidance, anxiety in general. After one month since the start of the new school year, it appears that students are struggling more than usual as school burnout has become a widespread concern nationwide. 

School districts in Wisconsin are actively seeking solutions to help students cope with these issues. Additional staff members who are social-emotional specialists and mental health specialists have been hired, who are now working closely with schools’ psychologists and counselors. In addition to the increase in staff, mental health clinics in Wisconsin are teaching kids coping and communication strategies, while also educating families regarding anxiety management at the same time.

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