February 23, 2024 10:19 am
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Wisconsin Holds the Mullet Crown

Credit: iStock

Mohamed Bughrara

Winners in the teen and youth divisions were announced late August. In the teen category, Cayden Kershaw of Wausau, Wisconsin, took first place; in the kids division, Emmitt Bailey of Menomonie, Wisconsin, took first place. 

As both champions hold the mullet throne, Wisconsin is well-represented in the 2022 USA Mullet Championship.

According to the website for the competition, the first-place winner will earn a $2,500 Mullet Mega Money Pot, and the runners-up and third-place finishers will receive a Mullet Champs Gift Set.

Emmitt’s father, Eric Bailey, proudly stated, “I think it’s cool. I really do. Some of the coolest people in the world, athletes and rock stars, they have mullets, so I mean, it’s pretty cool,”. 

Emmitt Bailey also stated that he plans on purchasing a go kart with his winnings.

For the men’s division USA mullet championship, the top 100 mullets will be chosen on Facebook between September 19 and 21. The top 25 mullet entries will then be up for a third and final round of voting on an undetermined date.
If interested in showing off your mullet crown, make sure to register at www.mulletchamp.com by August 31, may the best mullet find victory.

Wisconsin bill would limit local control over animal welfare

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