March 30, 2023 12:45 pm

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Wisconsin Awarded Three Air Quality Grants

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Last month, the EPA selected 132 projects across the country to receive Enhanced Air Quality Monitoring Competitive Grants which would go towards implementing air quality monitoring systems in communities across the nation. Through this monitoring, data will be collected on pollutants negatively impacting these communities in hopes of creating solutions towards restoring and protecting the environment. The grants will be awarded to projects from 37 different states and in total the administration will be granting a total of $54.4 million which comes from the American Rescue Plan which was passed in 2021. 

In Wisconsin, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin was awarded $500,000 to create monitoring stations in Milwaukee, the City of Madison was awarded $429,746 to install air quality sensors around the city, and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources was awarded $500,000 to help implement systems around the state.  

The EPA will likely begin awarding the funding soon. 

To learn more about the projects in your area, go here

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