June 18, 2024 11:26 am
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Reckless Driving Is a Pressing Issue That Needs To Be Addressed

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Staff Writer

Reckless driving has become a concern for many Milwaukeeans. An examination of where the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) issued reckless driving citations since 2017 shows that Fond du Lac Avenue, 27th Street, and Capitol Drive create a triangle of danger, an area that is unsafe for pedestrians, homeowners, cyclists, other drivers, and reckless drivers themselves.

Even more concerning is that reckless driving does not just mean speeding. In fact, many cyclists are concerned about their safety as bicycle lanes tend to be used as another driving lane. Robert Schneider, UW-Milwaukee Professor of Urban Planning, has pointed out that while driving recklessly is a personal choice made by drivers,  infrastructure and engineering adjustments can discourage some bad driving behaviors. Therefore, Milwaukee should consider taking steps to create safer streets for its residents.