April 19, 2024 2:43 am
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Local News

Milwaukee Metro Area Gas Prices Continue to Fall 


Across the state of Wisconsin, gas prices have fallen over the last month and are down 34 cents to $3.28 a gallon. For diesel customers, prices are also down from a month ago – 10 cents to $4.21. These trends are in line with national ones, where gas prices are down 14 cents a gallon from last month. 

In Milwaukee-Waukesha, customers are also saving big at the pump. The AAA average price is $3.12 a gallon, 42 cents cheaper than last month. Customers are getting a nice reprieve after the record highs of more than $5.10 a gallon that were seen in June of last year.

WI utilities make union jobs a priority for green projects

With the help of federal aid, Wisconsin is catching up to neighboring states in accelerating clean energy construction projects and the Badger State is taking things a step further by giving union workers greater access to these job opportunities.