July 15, 2024 2:28 am
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Let’s Get Rolling This Wisconsin Bike Week


Mohamed Bughrara

In celebration of Bike Week, Wisconsin Bike Fed has released the Wisconsin Bikeways Report to help with long-distance bicycling across the state.

For some basic housekeeping terms, a bicycle path is typically a designated roadway or bikeway with a distinct route designation or route signs. A “bikeway” is a broad term for any street, road, trail, or way that is specifically designed for bike travel, regardless of whether such facilities are exclusive to bicycles or shared with other forms of transport. 

USBR 30 and alternate USBR 230 were approved as Wisconsin’s first nationally designated bicycle routes by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) in 2020.

 The 269-mile USBR 30 runs from east to west across the state. It begins at Lake Michigan in Milwaukee and ends at the Mississippi River in Bluff Siding.

The Wisconsin Bikeways Report, as well as an interactive online mapping application, are available at WisconsinBikeFed.org which has sources for advocating for cycling and provides programs to make bicycling safer and more accessible throughout the state, with a focus on the state’s two most populous urban areas, Milwaukee and Madison. Lastly, the Wisconsin Bikeways promote Wisconsin as a cycling economic engine, highlighting picturesque trails and the many businesses of all sizes that support bicycling.