June 17, 2024 11:32 pm
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Not a normal election: Trump and his allies want to subvert Wisconsin’s vote

It was a lovely spring day in Milwaukee during the media walkthrough of the site for the Republican National Convention. Reporters, volunteers and RNC staff mingled happily, gathering on the street outside the convention center to point at the sky and put on the glasses provided by RNC organizers to view the partial solar eclipse.

Wisconsin’s dangerous abortion restrictions threatened my life and will continue to harm women

Nearly a year and a half after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and Wisconsin’s 1849 abortion ban went back into effect, it may be easy for some to forget the harm that the ban has been inflicting. But as anti-abortion lawmakers in our state continue to pass legislation to obstruct and stigmatize abortion, I can’t forget what these restrictions do to women like me. 

We Need to Stand Up to Bullies Targeting Vulnerable People in Wisconsin and Across the Country | Opinion

Wisconsin Congressman Mark Pocan is an affable guy, a progressive Democrat with a reputation for getting along with conservative Republicans. His long-term friendship with Wisconsin’s Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is a matter of puzzlement for many of Pocan’s supporters. So it was particularly dramatic to see him rise to chastise his GOP colleagues on the House Appropriations Committee this week for behavior he described as “bigoted” and “insane.”